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How to Level up in Rift and Tips for Gaining Experience Fast

Rift LevelingWhen playing Rift there are many ways to level up your character. With so many choices that is what makes the game so unique.

 Yet, so many choices can lead a player down the wrong path if they want to power level. Here are strategies to that will help both novice and advanced players level up fast in Rift.

Role playing games can be a lot of fun and everyone plays them for different reasons.

If you play to explore all the game has to offer, by all means have fun and enjoy. If you are playing for power, prestige and want to gain levels quickly, you don’t want to involve yourself in activities that waste your time.

This Rift Leveling guide, "Power Leveling Secrets" will help you avoid time wasting activities that don’t allow you to level up fast. It is designed specifically to give you the strategies you need to follow for very fast leveling.

You can get a hold of this Rift Leveling Guide by clicking here.

The best way to level up your character in Rift and add experience fast is through your involvement in: quests, instances, Pvp, rifts and grinding.

Rift QuestsQuests are the primary way players gain experience. This is both the easiest and can be fast, if you know what to do. You can acquire weapons and other valuable items in your quests which will help to make you a more powerful fighter.

The downside to quests is that, at this writing, there a limited number of them and you may run out. When you run out you will still have to do other things to continuing leveling.



There are many secrets to quests in Rift. If you know these secrets you will be more successful and level faster. You can learn about these here.

Water RiftRifts are a unique component to the game and something that makes Rift different than its counterparts. They are basically random events, or rather invasions by monsters that suddenly appear that you must defeat.

The challenge is that it is almost impossible to defeat them on your own. You will need to join with other players in the area and battle together.

Be aware that after the smaller monsters are all killed off and the rifts are closed, you and your group will have to kill off the boss monster.

The trick is to participate in as many smaller battles and rift closures as possible as your points will be determined based on how much you were involved and your kills.

More information on how to gain valuable experience with Rifts and how to level up fast if you do the right things, can be found here.

Rift InstancesInstances, the dungeons, are where you will do battle with non player controlled monsters. Like rifts, the monsters are too strong to defeat on your own and you will have to enlist the help of other players.

The best thing about winning battles here is that you will get very good equipment that will make you a strong fighter, especially when you get involved in player vs. player combat.

Player vs. player, PvP, does not actually help with leveling much, but it can always be fun to engage in. However, it is advised that you get involved in it once in a while as you will gain a favor as well as experience.

Grinding as most gamers know refers to killing the same monster or monsters in an area because of the experience you gain or the items they drop. This can get routine but valuable experience and items can be had through this activity. Sometimes very little effort is required with certain monsters and you get lots of reward for the minimal effort.

To learn secret strategies about grinding that will help you level up faster, take a look here.

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