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Realm of the Fae Walkthrough

Welcome to the Realm of the Fae Walkthrough. This comprehensive walkthrough will take you through all the strategies you’ll need to defeat the bosses waiting for you inside the Realm of the Fae. You will also find information here on the quests for the dungeon.










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The Realm of the Fae is a dungeon designed for players level 16-19. It is located in the northern part of Silverwood, tucked securely in the heart of deep hedge mazes. The dungeon is filled with Satyrs, Treants and Faeries. The Dungeon is separated into 4 sections each one representing a different season of the year with their avatars as bosses at the end of each area. Eventually players will face the Fae Lord Twyl.

realm of the fae rift



There are a few quests available for this dungeon as with all dungeons these quests offer better than normal rewards for completion.

1. Lords of the Fey Realm

Quest Giver: Automatic.
Location: Dungeon Entrance.
Objective: Defeat the bosses of the Realm of the Fae.

2. The Land of Seasons

Quest Giver: Nuna Hawkwing.
Location: Dungeon Entrance.
Objective: Bless the Five Altars located in the Dungeon.

3. The Crown of Twyl

Quest Giver: Shyla Starhearth
Location: Throne Dais in Sanctum
Objective: Burn the crown of seasons in the Brazier of Winters End.

Note- The Quest Lords of the Fey Realm is a repeatable quest and will offer a reward the first time you complete it and rewarding experience and gold all following times. It will become active every time you enter the dungeon.


Boss Strategies

Trickster Maelow:

trickster maelow rift

This is a pretty straight forward fight, basically tank and spank, Maelow has two guardians, Lifewards Brae and Celoah, that provide him with buffs and must be taken down prior to killing Maelow himself. Brae’s buff gives Maelow a 90% Damage Reduction, while Celoah’s buff grants increases all of Maelow’s Damage dealt by 30.

Kill Celoah First to make things a bit simpler on the tank and healer, and then set your sights on Brae before finally focusing on Maelow himself. All though, the order doesn’t really matter killing the two in this order simply helps things go a bit smoother.

As for Maelow, he goes down fairly simply. He has two moves to watch out for, Wild Kick and Cottontail, The first is a stun and the latter is a debuff that turns a random party member into a rabbit for a short time. Casters need to keep an eye on who Cottontail is affecting so that they can dispel it if either the tank or healer fall victim to it.


This will be a very simple fight.  But you need to watch out for slime on the ground and avoid any AoE attacks that he may throw your way.

Be mindful of the ability “Luggodhan’s Slime” which is a ground based AoE attack that also slows you down

As long as you pay attention to your positioning and stay within reach of the healer you should make it through this fight with little effort exerted.



battlemaster atrophiniusBattlemaster Atrophinius:

The Batlemaster Atrophinius will be another easy fight. 

This character comes with two companions which will disappear once he’s been defeated, so they can essentially be ignored.

The boss will also randomly charge members of the party knocking them back. The tank should position themselves against a rock or wall to prevent this from happening.

Be careful to keep everyone healed and the boss focused primarily on the tank and he’ll go down before you know it. 



Fae Lord TwylFae Lord Twyl:

Fae Lord Twyl is thefinal boss in the Realm of the Fae dungeon.  But before facing Twyl you must defeat his avatars; Avatar of the Autumn, Avatar of the Summer, and Avatar of the Spring.

These avatars will not wait for you to finish your prior fight so if you don’t take them down fast enough you may find yourself in a sticky situation.


Avatar of Autumn:

This avatar has only one ability that dazes one member of the party, it cannot be interrupted. DPS it down quickly and move on to the next one.

Avatar of Summer:

The Avatar of Summer is a bit trickier after being defeated he splits in to two avatars of summer with less hp and overall power than their original counter part after defeating these two they will split again and then once more before the boss is actually defeated.

Avatar of Spring:

The Avatar of Spring simply summons non-elite monsters who die easily once defeated you finally begin battle with Fae Lord Twyl.

Fae Lord Twyl:

Other than dealing with the avatars this boss is relatively simple, he has one ability that freezes a party member at random, and another that displays a green dot of light on the ground that does moderate damage when coming in contact with a player. Avoid the light have casters dispel the freeze when needed.

Now that you’ve read the Ultimate Realm of the Fae Walkthrough you’ll be prepared for anything you may run across in any of your encounters inside the Realm of the Fae. Good Luck and happy questing.


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