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Rift Cleric Guide

Ultimate Rift Cleric Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate Rift Cleric Guide, in this Rift Leveling guide we will cover the basics of the cleric soul. Including popular builds for the souls available, and more! With the Ultimate Rift Cleric Guide you’ll have the tools to successfully take a cleric through the plains of Telara with ease!


Guide Contents:


1.0 Introduction


2.0 Roles and Souls

2.1 Cleric Soul List

2.2 Melee DPS

2.3 Ranged DPS

 2.4 Healing and Support

2.5 The Tank


3.0 Popular Builds and Tactics

3.1 Solo PvE

3.2 Group Builds


 4.0 Conclusion


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1.0 Introduction

Cleric Rift GameClerics are Telara’s original spell casters, and come in a variety of forms using their magic to heal allies, summon companions, and inflict terrible effects to enemies.

The cleric could be one of the most versatile classes in the game.

Clad in chainmail, clerics have the ability to fill any role a group may need from tanking and healing to dps and filling support roles giving back up where it’s needed.

With that being said, the cleric is an easy class to learn but hard to master.


2.0 Souls and Roles

Each of the four classes of Telara has 8 souls available for play and 1 PvP soul. This portion of the Ultimate Rift Cleric Guide takes the time to describe these souls and the roles they play in different settings.

2.1 Cleric Soul List

Cleric Souls:

• Purifier
• Inquisitor
• Sentinel
• Justicar
• Shaman
• Warden
• Druid
• Cabalist

2.2 Melee DPS

The Shaman and Druid souls are the Melee DPS souls for clerics. These elemental fighters rely on their strength and finesse with two handed maces to smash the competition into the dirt. Even though they are limited in melee range both souls have great control over the elements and are capable of wielding powerful magic to make the most of their power.

2.3 Ranged DPS

When you see a cleric on the sidelines of a fight unleashing devastating spells on enemies from a range you’re more than likely looking at a Cabalist or an Inquisitor. These are the ranged dps souls for the cleric class and both are experts at controlling life and death magic, who are capable of not only doing large amounts of damage to foes but healing themselves or allies in the process.

2.4 Healing and Support

Healing and party support are synonymous with the idea of a cleric, in Rift the Warden, Sentinel, and Purifier souls define just that. Each has their own specific style to healing and backing their allies up using different elements to power their restorative magic.

2.5 The Tank

Justicar is the tank soul for the cleric; this defensive fighter is capable of not only drawing attention of foes but also using their life magic to energize themselves with Conviction to use more powerful attacks. The Justicar is also able to heal themselves and their allies, eventually gaining an ability that directly links the healing they receive with another character.


3.0 Popular Builds and Tactics

This section of the Rift Cleric Guide shows a builds for each role that the cleric can fill, in solo and group situations. Each section will provide you with our top picked builds and give tactics on how to make the most out of each of them.

3.1 Solo Builds

When soloing Clerics have two options available to them, Either a Melee or Ranged approach is appropriate. In this section of the Ultimate Rift Cleric Guide we’ll cover both play styles and the Ultimate Rift Cleric Guide’s recommended builds for the fastest route of leveling.

Option 1 The Melee Cleric (Shaman/Druid/Warden):

Shaman Druid and Warden ClericIn a Melee situation the set up recommended by the Ultimate Rift Cleric Guide is Shaman Druid and Warden, Shaman being your main soul with Druid and Warden playing supporting roles. This build allows for high physical damage and high survivability for maximum effectiveness.

The Shaman soul is going to be, as mentioned above, the main soul of the build. Shamans specialize in using their elemental magic to boost their weapons damage and have the ability to boost their own stats and those around them. They also have a few very powerful AoE attacks for fighting multiple opponents.

When you put your points into this tree look for talents that boost damage, critical strike chance, and anything that will increase your overall ability to kill off your enemies. Make sure you get take the tree all the way up for Rage of the North, along the way pick up Battle Charge, Strike of the Maelstrom and it’s follow up Eye of The Storm, Long Memory and Favored of the Valnir.

Druid is the second soul we’ll be looking at in this build, it provides a Faerie Pet that casts a HoT (Heal over Time) when you are damaged, a CC ability, mana regeneration and weapon damage buffs. Druid also provides some strong attack abilities like Eruption of Life that augments the next attacks made against a foe with extra life damage.

When you distribute your points into the Druid tree, you’re main aim are the Savage Force and Slumber Talents. To make your way up to that tier the Rift Druid Guide recommends the Strength of Earth, Spirit of the Hunter and Balm of Woods Talents for increased damage crit rating and an extra heal. Slumber causes a foe to sleep and is a great CC ability; Savage Force further augments the damage done by Eruption of Life.

The Last Soul of the Build is Warden which is used for its ability to heal. This increases the cleric’s chances for survival in any battle. It starts with a 0pt HoT and essentially doesn’t need to have any more points invested into it. However, after investing 12 points in the tree you get 3 healing abilities one being an automatic effect occurring after being critically hit healing for 150% of the damage done.

If you’re going to put points into the Warden tree use the Aquatic Affinity, Fluidity, and Restorative Tide Abilities. These talents will give an increase in Mana, healing effectiveness and the automatic HoT mentioned above.

Option 2 Ranged DPS (Inquisitor/Cabalist/Sentinel):

Inquisitor Cabalist Sentinel ClericThe ranged solo build the Ultimate Rift Cleric Guide recommends for the fastest leveling uses the Inquisitor, Cabalist, and Sentinel Souls.

It uses Inquisitor as the main soul for the build with Cabalist and Sentinel augmenting its survivability and overall damage. The beauty of this build is it’s simplicity to use and adapt to different situations with.

Inquisitor offers DoT (Damage over Time) spells along with a high burst damage spell called Bolt of Depravity which is quite possibly your most powerful direct attack.

While dealing both shadow and life damage the inquisitor is able to heal themselves for the damage done and can also strip enemies of their Buffs making them easier to take down.

When you’re putting your points into this tree go all the way to the top to get Circle of Oblivion a high damage AoE dot that is not only effective but looks really cool. Along your way make sure to grab Contempt, Life and Death Concord, and Bewilder. Otherwise look for talents that will either boost your damage or augment your frequently used abilities.

If you have to choose between getting Harsh Discipline or Aggressive Renewal, take the latter as you will have other abilities to heal yourself whereas mana running out could equal certain death.
Cabalist is in this build for three reasons, those being, augmenting damage of inquisitor abilities, an extra DoT that generates Lurking Decay which can be combined with the Sigil of Power ability for a large boost to your mana bar which is great for sticky situations, and a Root Ability so that you have longer to do damage to your enemies before they reach you.

The talents that go into Cabalist’s tree are all damage augmentations for your abilities. Max out Stroke of Genius, Entropy, and Death’s Grasp for the best results. Don’t worry about going any farther into the tree.

Sentinel is the healing soul that fills this builds second supporting role, it boosts your spell power and crit bonus gives a resurrect spell and two heals, also it provides some buffs to boost your stats.
This tree receives the least attention, simply because it doesn’t need it. All the abilities you need will fit within 10 points. So when the time comes you should max out the Watchful Gaze and Walk in the Light Talents both will help with healing and your damage so it’s a win-win.

3.2 Group Builds

Group DPS:

When it comes to playing a DPS role in a party both of the builds above work great, so use whichever you see fit. You could put more points into your healing support soul for additional party support if you see fit. Otherwise there is no need to go any further.

Healer (Sentinel/Purifier/Warden):

Sentinel Purifier Warden ClericWe will now discuss the Ultimate Rift Cleric Guide’s recommended healing spec; it uses the Sentinel, Purifier and Warden souls and is strictly a healing and support build.

All three souls are great for healing but in this build Sentinel is the main soul with Purifier and Warden as supporting souls to augment your ability to heal.

The Sentinel is an amazing healing machine, it has Purge to remove enemy buffs, two different resurrects (one being a battle rez), party buffs and best of all AoE heals. You also get a silence ability to combat against casters reducing the overall damage your party takes.

When you put your points into the Sentinel Tree look for things that boost healing crit rating, spell power, and those talents that boost your commonly used spells. Some talents of note are; Enraptured Breath, Protect the Flock, Empowering Light, and Serendipity. Make absolutely sure you take the tree high enough to get Healer’s Haste it is a talent that can truly be a life saver.

The Purifier is the first supporting soul we’ll look at, Purifiers use the power of fire to heal their allies and shield them from damage. The Purifier soul offers damage absorption, one more rez spell and buffs for the entire party.

Your goal when putting points into this tree is to get to the talent Caregiver’s Blessing, and it’s follow up Caregiver’s Grace. To reach this point fill both Spirit Guidance and Flame Speaker up for some good stat boosts, also grab Enflamed Rejuvenation for an extra kick on your single target heals occasionally.

Lastly we’ll look at the Warden soul; the Warden brings a 10% mana boost to the table as well as a couple HoTs. This soul is partially here just to fill the third spot, but the extra heals are helpful for party members who have taken AoE damage or are injured but not at risk of dying immediately, they are also good for keeping the tank up in HP while you cast your single target heals on them. Just put five points into Aquatic Affinity in this tree.

 The Tank (Justicar/Shaman/Sentinel):

Justicar Shaman Sentinel ClericFinally, we come to the tank build, with Justicar being the exclusive tank soul for clerics it will obviously be the main soul in the build. Shaman and Sentinel show up as the secondary souls here.

Your main focus will be to keep your Justicar soul capped for points throwing what you can’t put into it into Shaman. Sentinel is only being used for its 0 point instant heal in this build.

Justicar is one of the most interesting tanks in the game, capable of healing themselves and allies (including AoE heals). They use conviction, which is generated by some abilities, to power up other spells and attacks.

Eventually the Justicar can even link themselves with another player in the group to share the healing they receive.

Because it is the only tank soul for cleric, when putting points into Justicar you basically want to fill the tree up. The only talents you should avoid putting points into are Humility and Forced to Kneel. Otherwise, go nuts; just make sure you’re keeping as many points as you possibly can in the tree before investing them elsewhere.

Shaman actually compliments the Justicar soul quite well and has some great abilities to help in your task of being a living punching bag. You get weapon and party buffs, a heal that doesn’t effect your global cooldown that can be used after being critically hit, some AoE attacks for keeping multiple enemies on you and a damage absorbing ability.

When you put your points into this tree, grab Unyielding, Dauntless Courage, Thick Skinned, Favored of the Valnir, Glacial Shield and Endless Winter for the best results in making your tank all the more powerful. With these talents you get a good boost to your damage, some natural damage reduction, an increase to heals received and some Mana Regen.


4.0 Conclusion

Take the time to play with the builds mentioned above and you’ll become a powerful cleric in no time, however, any combination of mage tree’s will be fairly efficient so don’t feel constrained by the builds we recommend and thank you for using the Ultimate Rift Cleric Guide.

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