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Rift Puzzles

Here you will find solutions to Rift puzzles.

Rift puzzles are scattered in secret places all through the Rift Planes of Telara.

There is one located in each zone. Find and solve these puzzles and you will be rewarded with gold, accomplishments and titles to your name.

We have assembled here Rift puzzles, secret locations, including coordinates and solutions.

Where possible we have also included videos that show exactly what to do to solve the puzzle.











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Title: Don’t Be Cagey

Location: The north side of the Droughltands

Coordinates: (8336, 6197)

Details: This is one of the easier puzzles in Rift. At this location you will find 8 cages all arranged in a circle. Inside on of the cages is a locked chest you need to free.

Solution: There is a colored gem on the side of the cages facing outwards. The idea is to match the flashing colored gems on the outside with the ones on the inside. When these are matched the chest moves to the next cage until the cage finally opens and the chest is revealed.

You need to be quick to click when the color changes, if you aren't the chest returns to the first cage and it all starts again.

Maximum amount of loot you will find: 45

Title: Shield Wall

Location: Shadefallen Keep, Gloamwood

Coordinates: (4496, 2394)

Details: You need to go to the north of Glaomwood and stay to the left of the Keep. You are looking for a plaque on a wall. You need to be transported to a tower and that will happen when you press this plaque.

Once you are there move down the ramp of the tower. You will see shields on a wall. On the floor below are the same shields. These need to be matched to meet the others above.

Solution: What you have to do is simple getting it right takes a little work. Pressing a red button will move the shields in the row towards the button by one place. The shields on the other two rows will move one place along in the opposite position.

The maximum level of loot you can find: 35.

Title: Sleeping With Fishes

Location: Lake of Solace. A large lake landlocked by Freemarch, Shimmersand and Droughtlands.

Coordinates: (5984, 6129)

Details: You need get all 12 of the lamps to turn blue, then you get a key to open a chest and get the loot.

Solution: Traveling to this location is not easy. Get an Amphibious Brew or a friendly Cleric to buff you with Blessing of the Sea. Swim to the green star on the map above and then straight down.

It is possible to do this by yourself, but will be easier with a friend. As the lamps begin to sparkle click them. They only stay lit for 30 seconds and give you the light you need to see what you are doing. So be quick, find and light them all. If you have help, keep this in mind: to get the key you have to be the person to extinguish the final lamp.

Maximum level of the loot you can find: 30


Title: Barrel of Laughs

Location: Riverfell, north Scarlet Gorge

Coordinates: (3619, 2775)

Details: You need to go the lift located at the opposite side of the stream at Crimson Wash (4007, 3079) When you get off the lift, take the road to the stone bridge. Cross the bridge and turn right. Follow this road around and then jump down onto the wooden ledges and then on down to the rock. Look for two sets of barrels and crates.

Solution: To get your reward you need to move the left hand set of objects to match the right hand set. If you right click on an object it will move into the adjacent vacant space.

Maximum level of the loot you can find: 35

Title: Scarwood by Torchlight

Location: South West in Scarwood Reach

Coordinates: (3100, 4400)

Details and Solution: To solve this puzle you must align the torches in the right pattern.

Solution:  Look for the three buttons on two columns. These need to be pressed in a combination to align the torches. The secret is to click in this order: top left first, then mid right, followed by bottom right and finally the top right. When you have done it right fireworks will go off and your treasure chest will be revealed.

Maximum level of the loot you can find: 40

Title: A Classic Treasure

Location: Shimmersand

Coordinates: (6420, 7715)

Details:  A classic game of Chinese checkers is played out in the this puzzle. Leave one remaining light lit in the middle of the puzzle. At the end the game board you have been playing on explodes and a chest is left behind.

Solution:  Click a light then click a button that is unlit next to it. The light you clicked will jump over to the spot you clicked that was unlit.

Maximum level of the loot you can find is: 50

Title: Puzzled at the Top of the World

Location: Overwatch Keep in Silverwood

Coordinates: (6515, 3080)
 To solve this puzzle you need to successfully teleport to the treasure chest. Find the NPCs stood on a blanket, they are tucked away. Approach them then face left and you will see a small plaque on the wall
Solutions:  Travel to the Overwatch Keep in the center of Silverwood. Find the mysterious plaque and press it to teleport to the first tower.

Look for NPCs on a blanket, they are tucked away. As you approach them turn left and see a small plaque on the wall. Press this to transport you to the first tower within Overwatch Keep.

There are multiple plaques at the top of each tower. Move in a counter clockwise direction around each tower and then press the first plaque you come to. Do this 5 times and you will finally reach the tower with your treasure. a derelict tower and a chest of booty.
Maximum level of the loot you can find is 30.

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