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Rift Warrior Guide

Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide

Welcome to the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide, in this Rift Leveling guide we will cover the basics of the warrior class. Including popular builds for the class, souls available, and more! With the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide you’ll have the tools to successfully take a Warrior through the plains of Telara with ease and level up quickly!

Guide Contents:


1.0 Introduction


2.0 Souls and Roles

2.1 Warrior Souls List
2.2 Melee DPS
2.3 The Tank


3.0 Popular Builds and Tactics

3.1 Solo Builds and Tactics
3.2 Group DPS Builds and Tactics
3.3 Tank Builds and Tactics
3.4 PVP Builds and Tactics


4.0 Conclusion 




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1.0 Introduction

Rift WarriorThe warrior class is the heaviest armored in the game specializing in wearing plate armor and close quarters combat, warriors some of the toughest contenders in Rift.

No matter what their fighting style may be or what weapons they are using warriors have the capability to do large amounts of physical damage as well as play the role of a tank for their allies bravely combating monsters head on to avoid their team being hurt.

Warriors find their place in battle up close and in the fray, with a limited range of ranged attacks warriors rely on their weapons and strength to do their damage for them.


Warrior Rift Game2.0 Souls and Roles

Each of the 4 classes of Rift has 8 souls available to them and one PVP soul specific to them. This Section of the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide will take the time to explain all of the Warrior Souls available and their roles that they play in the game.

The Warrior is a versatile fighter, although their roles in parties are limited to either being a damage dealer or a tank but there are several ways to play both roles.

2.1 Warrior Soul List

• Champion(Melee DPS)
• Paladin(Tank)
• Reaver(Tank)
• Warlord(Tank)
• Paragon(Melee DPS)
• Riftblade(Melee/Ranged DPS)
• Void Knight(Tank)
• Beastmaster(Melee DPS)
• Vindicator(PVP Soul)

2.2 Melee DPS

Rift Blade DPS Warior RiftWarrior DPS is some of the strongest in the game right now in both PVE and PVP settings. The DPS souls for Warrior are: Beastmaster, Paragon, Champion, and Rift Blade.

All four souls bring something different to the table and work together well in conjunction. The capabilities of your DPS warrior will depend largely on your style of play.

The Champion is a powerful fighter who uses massive two handed weapons to cleave through foes. They have a slew of different AoE attacks and powerful single target attacks to make short work of enemies. Champion works well as a main or supporting soul in any build.

The Beastmaster is the only warrior class capable of summoning a pet, Beast masters also use two handed weapons. Eventually a Beastmaster’s pet gains party buffs that can increase their groups damage significantly.

Paragons are defined by their ability to dual wield. They use Parries and quick attacks to build up for Power Attacks and to Avoid Damage. Paragons have several attacks that buff themselves to make them an even more formidable force.

Lastly, the Riftblade is a warrior who uses physical force as well as elemental damage to tear through the opposition. Riftblades are the closest thing warriors have to ranged DPS. With the ability to throw powerful elemental spears they can get the drop on the enemy before even reaching them.

2.3 The Tank

Warrior Rift GameTanking for warriors comes natural as they are the most heavily armored class in the game and take full advantage of it. There are four souls for tanking available to the warrior class those being; Paladin, Void Knight, Warlord, and Reaver. As with the DPS souls for the warrior tree these souls all have different dynamics of play and styles of doing their job.

The Paladin, is the classic tank in any MMO Setting, Paladin’s are warriors of the light who primarily use a sword and shield. Paladin is also the only warrior soul that has a resurrect ability.
 Void Knights are tanks who specialize in reducing and absorbing magic damage into pacts that they can later unleash for devastating effects. Void Knight is primarily used as a secondary Soul in a tank build due to it’s specialization of dealing with Magic.

Warlords are technical fighters who use Command Auras to control the flow of battle giving buffs to allies and weakening enemies. The warlord is one of the stronger tank specs for Warriors at this point and time in the game.

The last tanking option for warriors is the Reaver soul. Reavers use diseases and plagues to spread sickness amongst enemies and draw the attention of the mobs to themselves.


3.0 Popular Builds and Tactics

Here we will discuss the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide’s top picks for warrior builds in depth. We will cover the best options for soloing and grouping in a PvE environment, as well as, in a PvP setting. This section should give you a general Idea on how to best play your warrior based on your needs and desired play style.

3.1 Solo Builds and Tactics

There are quite a few options for soloing as a warrior with the option to mix and match DPS and tank souls for a mix of brutal damage and survivability. The first option we’ll go over is the Rift Warriors Guide top pick for solo leveling as a warrior. 

Option 1(Champion/Beastmaster/Paragon):

Champion Warrior RiftThis build focuses on using the Champion Beastmaster and Paragon souls for a dual wielding fast attacking high damage warrior. Champion is the main soul in this spec and will receive the majority of your talent points.

When putting points into your Champions tree focus on talents that increase Damage of specific attacks and make sure to grab the Titan’s Strength talent for the increase in strength. Other key talents include Follow Through, Blitz, and Intense Training.

Follow Through makes it so that Mighty Blow, Blade Fury, and Cornered Beast all hit a second target. Making handling situations where you may be fighting more than one mob at a time a bit easier.
Blitz, allows the ability Bull Rush to be used in combat and puts a root effect on your target. This makes for closing the distance between you and your foe in a crucial moment much simpler.

The talent Intense Training increases the effects of your “Bearing” Buff abilities. This is a significant increase to the buffs themselves resulting in higher overall damage.

Beastmaster receives almost as much attention as Champion in this soul build. It’s main purpose in the build is to provide a pet for additional damage and support in combat, as well as leave bleed effects on the opponent for damage over time (DPS). The Beastmaster can also boost their own powers through bonds with their pets.

As far as where to put your talent points into this tree aim for Talents that will increase pet damage and bleed damage also grab talents that increase either your own or your pets HP. Make sure that you pick up the Pack Mentality, Summon: Greater Primal Companion and Strike to Maim Talents in this tree.

Pack Mentality increases you and your pet’s HP and Damage giving more survivability and raw power. Summon: Greater Primal Companion gives you the ability to summon a stronger pet with resistances to AoE attacks. The Strike to Maim Talent causes extra damage over time when you critically strike equal to the amount of your strength.

The last soul for this tree is Paragon, this soul gives the ability to dual wield one handed weapons and allows for some fast attacks. For this build we use Paragon primarily for the sake of dual wielding, however, there are some talents worth putting points into.

Make sure to max out both Combat Precision and Double Jeopardy, and then throw at least a couple points into both Duality of Mind and Weapon Master. Combat Precision and Double Jeopardy are both pretty straight forward damage boosting talents as is Weapon Master, which gives a chance to generate 1 extra attack point when using attacks that generate attack points. Duality of Mind increases your parry chance when using attack point generating abilities resulting in more survivability.

As far as abilities from the Paragon tree are concerned make sure to use the buffs Way of The River and Focus of Strength for increased damage. The Strike Like Iron ability also increases damage done for a short period of time. Flinching Strike is an interrupt that stops your target from casting their current spell.

As an overall idea with this build you’ll want to use your powerful attacks from Champion using your AoE abilities when the situation calls for them. Using your pet to manage multiple opponents and causing extra damage. Use your Bleeds from the Beastmaster Tree as well so that when you are close to finishing an opponent you can move to the next and let the last one bleed out.

Option 2(Champion/Reaver/Beastmaster):

TReaver Champion Warrior Rifthe other option we recommend in the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide uses the souls Reaver Champion and Beastmaster. This soul build offers a two-handed weapon approach to solo play.

Champion will be the main focus of this build and will go deeper into the tree than in the previous build. Most of the key talents will be the same, so make sure to grab Follow Through, Blitz, and Intense Training.

The main difference is that in this build you will want to invest into talents that boost your two-handed weapon’s damage. Go deep enough to get the Blood Thirst and subsequent Blood Frenzy Talents as well as Titans Strike for a powerful opening attack after slaying an enemy.

Reaver plays a supporting role in this build using it’s diseases for self heals and giving some damage reduction to help with survivability. The general idea in using this is to put your Soul Sickness and Creeping Death on the enemy at the start of the fight and allow them to heal you through it.

The talents you will want to grab on the Reaver soul tree are: Soul Feast, Power in the Blood, Imbued Armor, and Plague Bringer. Alternatively you can opt out of putting points into Power in the Blood and Pick up Entropic Embrace for more death damage whenever you are struck in combat which in turn produces more potent self heals.

Soul Feast is the talent that makes self heals possible, causing your Soul Sickness and Creeping Death to heal you for 50% of the damage dealt. The Plague Bringer talent allows you to spread your diseases to an additional 5 targets for a short time which is useful in situations where you are fighting multiple enemies and are in need of the extra healing.

Imbued Armor and Power in the Blood are both damage reduction talents, giving a 5% total reduction and a 20% Reduction when below 30% HP respectively.

Beastmaster in this build is used essentially just for the pet, the bleed attacks are helpful also in some situations but shouldn’t be high priority. Make sure to grab the Talents Survival of the Fittest and Iron Bonds when you can.

Survival of the Fittest is a straightforward 5% to hit which is always useful. Iron Bonds boosts the effects of your “Bond” Buffs by 30% in this case the only Bond you will have is Bond of Might which increases strength, but the extra strength means extra damage dealt.

In any case put enough points into the Beastmaster Tree to get Protective Companion that basically puts your pet into a tank mode allowing for it to take the damage and aggro so that you can avoid tight situations with large groups of monsters.  

3.2 Group DPS Builds and Tactics 
When in a group a warriors need for survival abilities drops significantly and they can at that point focus purely on putting out large amounts of damage. Warriors are currently among the strongest melee damage in parties in the game. Here are the Rift Warriors Guide’s suggestions for party play as a DPS warrior.

Option 1(Riftblade/Champion/Paragon):
Elemental Fighter RiftThe Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide’s top pick for group DPS is a powerful dual wielding elemental fighter.

The main soul used is Riftblade with Paragon as a secondary soul and Champion playing support. This build produces high single target dps with AoE damage for groups of trash mobs.

Riftblade is, as mentioned above, the main soul for this soul build. It provides elemental Ranged attacks a variety of AoE attacks and some threat reduction to keep the enemy fighting the tank instead of you, when investing talents into the tree look for things that boost those qualities.

There are a few key talents the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide recommends in this build. Keep an eye out for Static Shock, Elemental Caress, Surging Energy, Elemental Touch and it’s follow up talent Elemental Blade. Rift Storm will be one of your bread and butter attacks for AoE damage when you get it.

Paragon is the secondary soul in this build; it provides dual wielding melee damage with a few different buffs to damage and higher chances to crit. Your talents put into the Paragon soul tree should reflect that.

The Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide recommends talents to optimize the damage you’re dealing with your paragon soul in the form of boosting your weapons damage as well as critical strike chances. The big ones for the Rift Tree are Combat Precision, Double Jeopardy, Weapon Master and Flowing Strikes. You can actually invest specifically in those talents in order through the tree as you progress saving you from investing in anything extra that may be unnecessary.

Champion plays a small role in this build simply providing some more AoE Damage and stat buffs. Put at least 10 points into it for Titan’s Strength and Take No Prisoners, for extra damage and strength. With 10 points in the tree you get a self buff that increases your physical damage done. Put Debilitating Strike and Mark of Inevitability into your rotation for additional damage to your targets. 

Option 2 (Beastmaster/Champion/Riftblade):

Beastmaster Warrior RiftThe second build we’ll discuss in the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide is truly a group based build. Beastmaster is the Main soul of the build, with Champion and Riftblade playing supporting roles.

This builds focus is to go deep into Beastmaster giving your pet the ability to buff your entire party giving dramatic increases to overall group performance, and using bleed attacks as well as AoE damage, to tear through your opposition.

Your Beastmaster soul will be the backbone of this build its general focus being to increase you, your pet’s, and your party’s damage and survivability. Its main form of damage comes through powerful attacks that leave the opponent to bleed out, when putting talents into the tree keep those traits in mind.

The Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide recommends a few key talents to make this build work. Make sure that you put your points into Iron Bonds and it’s follow up Shared Bonds, Strike to Maim, Summon: Greater Primal Companion, and Pack Mentality.

Iron Bonds and Shared Bonds are what allow you to boost and share the bonuses you get from your “Bond” abilities. Strike to Maim causes extra damage on critical hits in the form of bleed damage, and Summon: Greater Primal Companion allows for summoning a more powerful pet.

Champion as usual is a staple in our warrior DPS builds for its AoE Damage 2-handed weapon bonuses and stat increases. The Champion soul is the secondary soul in this build receiving almost as many talents as Beastmaster.

The talents you will take with Champion are pretty straightforward look for boosts in two-handed weapon damage, Extra AoE damage, Increased Crit, Increased hit chance, etc… Make sure that you get the Follow Through, Intense Training, Blood Thirst and Blood Fury Talents.

Follow Through allows you to strike an additional two targets with several of your attacks. Intense Training boosts the effects of your self buffs increasing overall damage. Blood Thirst and it’s follow up talent Blood Fury allow for a powerful attack that is a guaranteed critical strike after killing an opponent.

Riftblade is the last soul of the build and is used solely for its 0 point ability Storm Blade. This ability causes 100% of weapon damage over 6 seconds to a target after a critical strike with an ability.
If you absolutely feel the need to put some points into the tree you can put 5 into Elemental Flux for a chance to have Storm Blade activate on a regular attack. If you go 2 points farther and get Surging Energy you can help conserve your energy a bit after dealing critical strikes.

The Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide recommends leaving the tree empty and instead investing into the Titan’s Strike, Proper Timing, and Perfect Timing Talents in the Champion Tree for an assure critical strike every 30 seconds and a high power AoE attack. 

3.3 Tank Builds and Tactics

A warrior’s capability to tank is unmatched with the highest armor values in the game and 4 souls specifically for tanking. There are a quite a few options worth looking into, this portion of the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide will show a couple of those options and explain their key points.

Option 1 (Paladin/Reaver/Warlord):

Paladin Warrior RiftThe first soul build to be covered for tanking in the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide is focused primarily on the Paladin soul, using Warlord and Reaver souls to support it.

The point of the build is to use self healing and your shield to minimize damage to yourself while keeping your allies out of harms way.

Paladin being the main soul and focus of the build will get the most talent points spent into it. Try and keep yourself close to the point cap for the soul tree focusing on talents that boost your ability to use a shield, provide self healing, and increase armor or HP.

The Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide recommends taking special notice to quite a few talents in the paladin tree that really make this build come into its own. Make sure you grab: Aggressive Guardian, Lights Hammer, Shield of the Hero (and higher level Shield of the Chosen to replace it.) Reverent Protection with Improved Reverent Protection, Balance of Power with it’s follow up talent Tip of Balance and lastly Paladin’s Reprisal.

Aggressive Guardian increases all threat generated by 20% which is key to tanking. Shield of the Hero and Shield of the Chosen are both shield buffs, Shield of the Chosen will replace Shield of the Hero as your primary shield buff once you get it.

Reverent Protection and Improved Reverent Protection reduce the damage your entire party takes. Balance of Power reflects blocked attacks back at the attacker for 75% of the damage done, it’s follow up Tip of Balance Heals you for the damage reflected.

Lights Hammer and Paladin’s Reprisal are both stuns one being a single target lower level attack and the other being the Paladin’s final talent in the tree doing AoE damage and stunning all enemies caught by the attack respectively.

This build uses Warlord as a supporting soul for more damage reduction, increased block chance and armor value, as well as its ability to buff your party and debuff enemies. Only a handful of points go into this tree. Invest your points in to the Intimidating, Powerful Counterstance, and Defensive Experience Talents.

Reaver also only receives a handful of points in this build as a supporting role. The main focus of using Reaver in this soul build is to further your Self Healing and Damage Reduction.
Put your talent points for Reaver into the following talents: Power in The blood, Imbued Armor, Plague Bringer, Soul Feast and Sinister Intent. With these talents you generate additional threat with your damage over time abilities that heal you. The Plague Bringer talent allows for those diseases to be spread to multiple targets.  

Option 2(Reaver/Paladin/Champion):

Reaver Warrior RiftThe second option we will discuss in the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide like the first one uses the Reaver and Paladin souls, however, this build focuses heavily in the Reaver Tree using Paladin for its increased threat generation and ability to use shields.

Champion also appears in this build but does not receive any talent points and is just used for the 0 point ability Bull Rush that allows you to charge an enemy.

Your focus with the Reaver soul in this build should be to weaken your enemies with diseases and sickness while healing yourself and boosting your party’s damage and reducing the overall damage the group takes.

The talents we recommend in the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide fit this perfectly.
Make sure when putting your points into the Reaver tree to grab Soul Feast and both of it’s follow up talents as soon as you can get them as these all allow for self healing through the abilities Soul Sickness and Blood Fever.

Master of the Abyss is a finishing move that does AoE damage and heals the warrior for the damage dealt, it’s follow up talent reduces it’s cooldown, make sure to get them both for even more healing.
Plague Bringer and Sinister Intent are also both important, Plague Bringer allows you to spread your diseases to additional targets and Sinister Intent causes those diseases to generate more threat.

Enraged Essence is one party buff that causes all party members within range of the warrior to do more damage. The other is Power from the Masses, which reduces the overall damage that you and your allies take after using AoE abilities.

Paladin is the only other soul tree in this build that receives talent points and its focus is as mentioned above the use of shields and increased threat. Make sure to get Aggressive Guardian, Shield of the Hero, Martial Shield and Unyielding Defense. Other talents to look at are those that increase your Armor, Block Chance, Health, or Reduce incoming damage.

Champion is used simply for Bull Rush in this build, if you found yourself wanting to put points into the tree you could invest into Titan’s Strength for a boost to your overall strength value. However, this is not recommended as your talent points should go to more defensive investments in either Paladin or Reaver.

Take the time to play with the builds mentioned above and you’ll become a powerful Warrior in no time, however, any combination of warrior trees will be fairly efficient so don’t feel constrained by the builds we recommend and thank you for using the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide.

3.4 PVP Builds and Tactics

Warriors are currently some of the top contenders in the realm of Rift PVP. With their plate armor and intense amounts of damage output they make a formidable foe for any opponent they may find on the battlefield. This section of the Rift Warriors Guide will cover warrior PVP tactics and builds.

Any of the builds listed in the above sections can be converted into a PVP build with just a few minor tweaks and changes. As such we will not be listing any specific builds in this section but rather how best to make those changes to optimize PVP Efficiency. We will also briefly discuss the Warrior PVP soul Vindicator.

When making changes to any soul build from a group or solo based build to a PVP build you should look for a few things to convert into. Talents that remove roots, snares, fear effects, movement impairing effects and anything that negatively affect your character are highly important to being successful in PVP.

Also look for abilities that cause those effects to opponents, Warriors generally speaking need to be up close to an enemy to deal their damage so anything to help close that distance and keep your target from fleeing should be high priority.

Other than those suggestions look for talents that reduce targets armor value or
ignore it. Abilities that heal you are also great to increase your survivability because sometimes you just don’t have a healer around to keep you going. 

The last thing we’ll cover is the Vindicator PVP soul; it is the PvP specific soul for warriors. Vindicator can be unlocked in either faction’s capital city from a vendor in the PVP room for the cost of 2500 favor. Vindicator, like all PVP souls, only allows so many points to be put into it based on your PVP Rank versus being based on your characters level, it also does not have as many talents or abilities as other warrior souls. This soul should be used as a support soul for a PVP build generally speaking but could definitely stand on it’s own as a main soul in a build.


4.0 Conclusion

Take the time to play with the builds mentioned above and you’ll become a powerful Warrior in no time, however, any combination of warrior trees will be fairly efficient so don’t feel constrained by the builds we recommend and thank you for using the Ultimate Rift Warrior Guide.

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